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I have decided to build custom worm threaders. I needed one and could not find any that I liked so… Being a former machinist I decided I should just build my own.

I wanted a stainless tube and plastic handle to start. I could only find brass tube and wood handle. I thought stainless would just be better and the worm juice would not stain the handle like it does on the wood handle worm threaders being made now. I started a search for the parts needed. Found everything but pretty much only in larger quantities.

I found this domain name was available so here you go, a one man mini business was born.

I am a craftsman and I like the thought of sharing my talent with every one in some way. This will never really make any money because these are custom made not mass produced. I figure it should be fun. I have always liked making things that are cool.

I Found a supply of really cool stone handles (see this link – stone handle worm threaders) I could get and since I really love the way they look I’m heading off in that direction. I’ll still make the other models but probably concentrate on the stone handle ones for now since I have bought a bunch of them. Each one will be a one of a kind deal with options chosen by the purchaser such as needle size: small .035 for red worms, med .050 for all around use and large .065 for big night crawlers.

Since the small .035 if pretty flexible you should not just order that size unless you really do want to thread red worms.

Options will include needle size, clean out wire, wrest strap and case. Still looking for some of this stuff. I have some sample wrist straps on order and if they turn out to be good I’ll order a larger quantity. I think I’ll be using plastic test tubes for the small cases. I am still trying to find cases for the larger handles. I would like to find cases that can serve as storage case and shipping case. Some models will have the case integrated into the design so when not in use the case and the worm threader will be one unit. This style would work well for stowing in a soft vest or tackle box as the worm threader needle will be protected. My son has suggested a switch blade style worm threader where the needle could slide out for use then slide back in for storage. Doubt this will happen due to the complicated design needed.

See the store here: http://wormthreader.com/store/index.php

Custom tube lengths will be available but for now I’ll keep it at 6 inches over all for the med and large needles and 5 inches over all for the small .035 red worm size needle .

Later I’ll offer solid aluminum handles, aluminum tube handles, hardwood handles with nice finish etc. I probably should stick with a few basic models but what the heck, I have to build each worm threader by hand, one at a time so why not offer options?

One detail, these will not be as cheap as you can get from some place like bass pro etc. I am not a china man working for .75 cents a day so…. If you want a 3.00 worm threader this will not be your source. I think prices will be in the $5.00 to $7.00 range on the low end.


To order visit the store or email me at mrrbob at gmail dot com

Models available now: See the Worm Threader Store

Shipping will be as cheap as possible, I still have to investigate that and find the cheapest way available. I know the small flat rate usps boxes are 5.00 but I think I can do better.

Looks like I may be able to use standard envalops to mail these and charge less for shipping but…. standard envelops have no tracking and the needles can be bent. If you want this shipping method be warned, once the worm threader goes into the mail in an envelope I will not be responsible if it is lost or broken. Just so you know…

The ones shipped in envelopes will be tapped to cardboard then placed into the envelope. I still need to investigate exact cost on this shipping method. Certain models and options will not be able to be shipped that way as they will be too thick.


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