Products I make now.

The custom worm threader with semi precious stone handle

The blending of product and art

All custom stone handle worm threaders are build to order with the options you select.

I start out with a 6 inch 304 ss needle and then slide it inside the stone handle after drilling it out. Over all length depends on how long the stone handle is. If the needle is 6 inch and the stone handle is 1 inch then there will be 5 inches of needle sticking out of the stone handle after the needle is glued in as the needle goes all the way through the handle.

Options available:
Needle sizes: .035, .050 and .065.
stainless clean out wire
Wrist strap

With the .035 needle size you can thread a red worm – a exclusive.

The .035 needle is very flexible due to it’s small size. Don’t order this size needle unless you actually do want to thread red worms as the .035 small needle is not heavy duty. For general use order the .050 medium size needle. Or order 2, one with the .035 small needle and another with the .050 medium needle.

If a wrist strap option is selected the needle will not go all the way through as the anchor for the wrist strap must be glued in the back or bottom end with epoxy. Clean out wires only work on the med and large size and will not work if a wrist strap option is ordered as the wrist strap anchor blocks the bottom end of the worm threader tube. Just so you know.


Wine cork handle worm threader.

Larger size new wine corks are used – almost 2 inches long. Due to the wine cork length I embed the needle 1 inch into the cork so 5 inches is left sticking out. photo coming soon.

Not listed in the store yet.


6 inch hollow bait/plastic worm needle.

These are used to thread bait or plastic worms – the big difference with our bait/worm needles is they are hollow so you can thread the fishing line through the needle if needed. These are also sharpened like a hypodermic needle.

These come 3 to a package. Options:  .050 medium or .065 large size. They come packaged in a small test tube style holder. The package will contain all the same size needles, I don’t mix sizes. Longer sizes available, Contact me and I’ll make any length you want. lengths exceeding 6 inches will not fit out case though.

Not listed in the store yet.


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