Replacement needles

Replacement needles are available to those who have already ordered a worm threader.

Cost: $2.50 shipping included.

Not listed in the store, you will need to email me at mrrbob at gmail dot com and ask for one.I will reply asap. If you don’t get a reply the same day resend your emailĀ  as there is ether one of two things happened. One, my spam filter ate your email or I am out of town or out for the day or weekend etc. Still no response? call me at 509-663-1124

How to order: contact me at mrrbob at gmail dot com

I’ll verify your previous order and then send you a payment request through paypal. If you have actually ordered from me in the past you can just go to paypal and send me the $2.50 or you can give me a call and I can do a credit card payment over the phone.

Sorry, I will not sell needles to anyone who has not ordered a worm threader from me in the past. I am not going in to the worm threader needle business. It takes as much time to pack and ship a needle as it does an entire worm threader. That is why I will support my customers with replacement needles, as a thank you for your past business and to stand behind my products.

Shipping: Needles will be sent using a regular envelope with cardboard inside folded in 2 and with the needle taped very well to the inside of the cardboard. There is some danger in this as the needle could dislodge from the cardboard and slide out of the envelope or it could get bent if the envelope gets mangled by the USPS but that never would happen right?. There will be lots of scotch tape holding the needle in place and this will be a pain in the arse to get off the needle. Sorry.