Stone Worm Threaders

Found some really cool looking stone handles and decided to make Worm Threaders available using them.  See photos below. Some of these photos were taken with the camera more toward the handle end of the worm threader – this make the needle look a little shorter. The medium and large needles are 6 inches and the small needle is 5 inches. On most all the stone handle worm threaders the needle will go all the way through to the bottom end of the worm threader making the over all length about 6 inches unless it is the small needle – then it will be 5 inches.

The exception is if a wrist strap option is chosen. With a wrist strap the anchor for the wrist strap is glued in the bottom using epoxy so the needle will not go all the way through to the bottom and the worm threader will be slightly longer. You can also email and ask that your needle not go all the way through so the needle sticks out more and thus is a little longer. Example: If your chosen handle is 1-1/2 inches long and the needle goes into the handle 1/2 inch the your over all length will be longer by 1 inch to 7 inches and the needle sticking out of the handle will be 5-1/2 inches long. On a 1-1/2 inch handle the needle sticking out will be 4-1/2 inches long if the needle goes all the way through the handle. Simple way to remember this is to deduct the handle length from 6 inches for the medium and large needles. If you want your needle to stick out more you will need to tell me this asap when you order other wise if I glue in your needle right away after I get your order it will be too late to change this.

I am going to use regular GE 50 yr silicone to glue in the needles. The needle will be glued in the top and bottom but not glued all the way through. This is so replacement needle can be installed if your needle gets bent or broken. I may have to revise this if the needles start coming unglued and begin to slip out the bottom. If this starts to happen I’ll have to start using some type of stronger epoxy glue. In that case the needle will probably not be replaceable though as it will likely not be removable under any means due to the epoxy strength. Replacement needles will be $2.50 shipping included and will only be sold to people who already ordered a worm threader. These will not be listed in the store, you will need to email me and ask for one.

There are some stones that will not allow the large needle due to the hole being too small. On some of the smaller stones the medium needle is also too large so the only needle option will be the small .035 size. This will be noted in the needle options for each listing in the store. Most of the small stones that are 1 inch will only allow the small .035 needle.

The stones below may or may not be listed in the store yet or may have already been sold. These photos are for illustration not as a listing of what is available. If you see one you like you can inquire if it is not listed in the store. It may be in stock but not listed in the store yet. I’ll try and remember to come back and note in the description in each photo if it has been sold. I have left the comments section enabled on the bottom of this page, I am very interested in hearing your opinion of these stone handle worm threaders.

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