Stone Handle Worm Threaders

Stone Handle Worm Threaders

Chinese Jade Shang Prayer bead Worm Threader

CODE: 27359

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6 inch / yes / yes / yes
Old Chinese Jade Shang Prayer Cong bead worm threader This one is nice and large - easy to grip and feels substantial in your hand Options include... More

Minimum quantity for "Chinese Jade Shang Prayer bead Worm Threader" is 1.

Serpentine Gemstone Worm Threader

CODE: D33505

6.00 / yes / yes / yes
Serpentine Gemstone Worm Threader Options: small .035 and medium .050 needle, Wrist strap and clean out wire. Note - clean out wire only works on medium... More

Minimum quantity for "Serpentine Gemstone Worm Threader" is 1.