The order process

1. Go to WormThreader store and chose your handle

2. Chose your options – needle size, wrist strap & clean-out wire

3. Place your order.


Each worm threader is built to order.

The needle is glued in and other options added to order then left to setup over night. The next day your custom worm threader will be checked, packaged and shipping pickup ordered via the usps web site.

Custom wrom threaders are not made up ahead of time as you get to specify how you want your worm threader made – what size needle, what type of handle, if you want a wrist strap and if you need a clean out wire included.

That is why each worm threader is shown as a handle only and does not have the needle installed in the photo. That is why you see a simulated worm threader shown with each handle so you can get an idea of how it will look.

Some options will preclude other options from being ordered such as if you order the small .035 tube and then order a clean out wire, your clean out wire order will be canceled and the cost refunded. Our clean out wires are too big to fit inside the small .035 size tube.

On some of the larger handles we offer they are too wide to fit inside the cases we will be offering. The case will have a maximum of 1 inch inside dimension. Some of the larger handles might be slightly over this and will not fit inside the case we carry.

I will physically check this fit to be sure before I tell you the case will not fit the handle you want.

Another detail may be over all lenth as we can only get the cases so long, 6 inches is about max though some of the caps may allow a little extra lenth.

We will always try it before we tell you on the product detail page that a certain handle will not fit inside a case. The cases we use are standard test tubes and the longest I can find is 6 inches on these. I am trying to find a suppler for cigar cases but these all seem to be glass and we need plastic for these not glass.